-Jacob Orville Jeske-

As a child I grew up in Northern Minnesota and found any excuse to escape to the great outdoors. Trees, streams, and canopies are what I cherished the most as a child and I was lucky enough to find them all in my backyard.

I enlisted in the U.S. NAVY in 2003 because I wanted to be just like my Dad. 

I became a MM onboard USS Newport News SSN 750. After an honorable discharge in 2008, I attended collage and achieved a Bachelors in Marketing and Music performance. In 2014 I became aware of the severity of the impact of pesticides I started building bat houses and became a member of the Bat Conservation International (BCI). I studied and focused on building bat houses for nearby parks and campsites. With rapid results, I focused on how to make the perfect bat house.


Nature is where I felt at home and I feel it's threatened after the chaos of pesticides and pollution. One year after I took the video (on home page) I decided to fully dedicated myself to find a better alternative to pesticides and started working with parks, campgrounds and personal residents. Some call me "THE BATMAN" because not only do I build the bat houses, I started off installing them myself. I came equipped with a tool belt and a homemade grappling hook so the name caught on quite quickly.