All BACKYARD BAT HOUSES should be mounted in an area that gets 8-12 hours of direct sunlight, typically facing either South or East.

Pole installation is recommended for BAT CONDOS. The BAT CUDDY should be mounted to your home or barn at the highest peak facing South or East.

Whenever possible, locate all bat houses 20 to 30 feet from tree lines and 12 to 20 feet above ground. The BAT CONDO and BAT METRO have been successful with tree mounts. For best results, find a tree away from the tree line or one that can have nearby branches cleared to give the bat house optimal sunlight. Seek a tree that gets the most sunlight. Look for a tree in the northern sector of a clearing and mount it facing South. Use the provided 3" screws and mount through the pilot holes.


Place your bat house near the largest water source in the area. These locations are typically the most successful, as are those in or adjacent to the most diverse or natural vegetation. The best locations are along streams, rivers, lakes or forests because these are natural bat flyways.